Walker 1.0

Whatever Your Journey Brings. #WalkItThru

Walker 1.0 is a Skill Exchange Makerspace powered crowdfunding initiative that provides shoe cleaning services and mesh-up pop-up events as rewards for your contributions.

The Walker 1.0 challenge to raise these funds for the development and sustainability of our scale up Makerspaces is to all the Makers and Fakers from high schools, universities, startup's, e'lokishini, in sports and arts through our rewarded crowdfunding platforms.

Whether you're running, walking or flying; merge your life-defining journey with ours. Getting your first job; training for the triathlons, or signing that major contract. We're sure to resonate with you.

The Walkers

Walk onto the edge of glory and become 1 of over 10million students, young professionals and athletes to build over 30 Skill Exchange Makerspaces throughout Southern Africa. Just join in one or more of our national pop-up events or visit your nearest Walker 1.0 shoecare service partner for your shoe tune-up.

Get hints on where to find us and how to play your part by liking and following our social media pages:

The Connectors

Step onto the field and take on your position as the connector of dreams. University’s, FET Colleges, corporate companies and sports clubs. Become our event sponsor or flagship store sponsor of one or more of our nation-wide spread Walker 1.0 pop-up stores and campaign events.