The Maker Journey

We Believe

Experiencing a collaborative and creative way of making, observing & transferring skills is the key to accelerating the learning curve.


Learning Mastery

“Be all that you can be.” — Ad Slogan, United States Army

Our programmes help you generate divergent ideas, forecast, form theories, devise alternative scenarios and solutions for advanced integrated industries using open-ended real world projects in sports, technology, enterprise management, arts & manufacturing.


Sebokeng's Learning Programmes

S.T.E.A.M Learning Pathway
The 1%

This programme is developed to advance daily life practices through tech integrations. Develop your pre-gained technical skills by using different techniques and specialized functions to see, make and use opportunities presented by technological problems.

The Creatives

This programme is designed to foster IDEA generation and creative problem-solving. Through intensive soft skills practical applications and the use of tools available at their disposal to find creative solutions.

The Brand's

This programme is designed to optimize the abilities and potential of sportsmen, their practice routines; strategic tools & techniques; the management of teams and individuals. Using raw talent, brand management, and technology.

The Producer's

This programme is designed to help enhance the production of products and services. Using 3D printing functionality and user experience as a guide to increased productivity and cost-savings.

The Magnates

Designed to support the leadership, strategy, management of teams & resources in enterprises for the development, management and delivery of strategies, programmes, product & service.

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